Compare Data Plans

Verizon and AT&T have rolled out a new mobile plan that provides unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and a pool of data that you can share with multiple devices. This tool helps you build the perfect plan that fits your needs.

Updated on 04.04.2014

Verizon lowered the device cost for off-contract devices (Edge) from $20 to $15 on 10GB or larger plan.

Updated on 03.08.2014

AT&T lowered the 2GB plan from $55 to $40 and removed the 1GB plan.

Updated on 02.13.2014

Verizon's Share Everything Plan has become More Everything Plan. The new plan adds new data tiers and offers discounts on certain tiers. Similar to the AT&T's Mobile Share Value Plan, adding an off-contract device (Edge) to the pool gives you discounts ($10 up to 8GB or $20 on 10GB or more) on the device cost. The new plan also gives you 25GB of cloud storage and unlimited international messaging (US outbound only).

Updated on 02.06.2014

AT&T's Mobile Share Plan has become Mobile Share Value Plan. The new plan allows you to remove the device subsidy from the plan cost resulting in a significant discount on the total. HOWEVER, when it comes time to upgrade your phone, you'd have to purchase the phones at the full price or with AT&T Next 12/18.

1. Add Your Devices

* Verizon: Choose "Smartphone (Off-Contract)" for the devices with Verizon Edge plans.
* AT&T: Choose "Smartphone (Off-Contract)" for the devices with AT&T Next 12/18 plans.

2. Set Your Data Amount

More Everything
Mobile Share Value
$15 N/A
N/A $20
$30 N/A
$40 N/A
$50 $40
$60 N/A
$70 $70
$80 $80
$90 $90
$100 $100
$110 N/A
$120 N/A
N/A $130
$130 N/A
$140 N/A
$150 $150
$225 $225
$300 $300
$375 $375
Business users:

30GB, 40GB, and 50GB plans are only available for businesses.

Device limits:

10 devices up to 20GB / 15 devices for 30GB / 20 devices for 40GB / 25 devices for 50GB


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